“1930s” – You wanna narrow that down a bit?

OK, so here’s the deal. I don’t know the exact year in which the LARP in question will be set, nor it’s name (if it has one yet). What I do have is a connection in the writing team whom I shamelessly bombard with questions as I try to figure out the exact right thing to wear. Some would say I’m getting ahead of myself – a sentiment I freely poopooh. Three months is by no means an extravagant time frame to make this kind of costume, and I will do what I have to to get it done.

Well. What do I know? This LARP is going to take place at lovely Finnåker Manor (more on this subject in a later post) on Halloween. It will probably be set in the early to mid-30s, I’m guessing around 1934-36 (How do I know this? I am sworn to secrecy. Sworn!). It’s also going to be cold out – Sweden in late October is no joke.

So here’s what I’m thinking: A stylish yet practical mid 30s outfit that works both in-and outdoors. Seeing as I’m not super worried about historical accuracy, that’s close enough to start some serious researching. To the Interwebs!

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