The perfect pattern! Or, you know, it could have been.

I was so looking forward to making something in a mid-30s style that it kind of threw me for a loop when the writers decided to go for 1930. I’ve been doing a bunch of research lately and had found some awesome stuff, but none of the patterns I had fallen in love with were earlier than from 1933. What to do? Intentionally make an outfit that’s all wrong for the time period? Put hours and hours into a project I wasn’t completely sold on? I decided to go for option one, which in this case would be the lesser evil in my mind. I’m fairly sure most of the participants at this particular LARP wouldn’t even be able to tell the difference between a look from 1930 and 1940, much less one that’s “only” four years off. They’re lovely people and dedicated LARPers, but costume geeks they are not. I figure I might as well make something I absolutely love, and then find other uses for it. Although I kind of cringe at the thought.

1399So what does this affront to historical correctness look like? Why, here it is!  If I will in fact use the cape for a coat, I’m going to have to find some sort of cardigan to wear underneath if I don’t wish to freeze to death. I’ve seen some cool coat patterns, but I’m trying not to get ahead of myself here. This is going to take a while, especially if I go by the book – which I absolutely intend to do (Me? Control freak?), and I’d rather not be sitting in a giant pile of unfinished rags tearing my hair three days before the big night. Better try to finish one garment at a time.

Anyway. I ordered the pattern from Eva Dress today. They have a beautiful collection of reproduction patterns ranging from 1800s to 1950s – it’ll be interesting to see if the pattern is any good to work with. Oh, I hope so! If it comes out a tenth as beautiful as in the picture, it’ll be my favorite outfit EVER.

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